CNC Machining

EZ30R Exhaust Header Flanges

A set of custom exhaust header flanges for an EZ30R engine.

This was an interesting project, since I had no  dimensions or drawings to go off of, and the engine was not entirely disassembled, preventing easy measurement. Finding repeatable and accurate measurements on a cast body is sometimes rough – no pun intended – too.

With a little application of dykem bluing and cardboard, an imprint was taken to work off of.

Modeled in Solidworks and programmed 90% in Featurecam (10% on the fly at the controller).

Head Gasket Keychains

V6 and V8 head gaskets in the style of early VW and Audi engines. Originally dreamed up for a car show at which I was a vendor.  

Curves created in Adobe Illustrator and exported as DXF. Curves then imported into Featurecam and programmed.