yeah definitely what my office looks llike

Illustrating Tweets: Lizz Winstead & Tweets of Old

I always try to retweet really choice tweets, but I decided to up my game. I created graphics for two of my recent favorites. This is part of my ongoing effort to flex my creative muscles, something that’s been lacking in my life as of late. Feel free to share these graphics.

“Always eat your breakfast…”

The first tweet is from the “@TweetsofOld” account. This account tweets headlines (occasionally slightly abbreviated) from vintage papers.


“Always eat your breakfast before beginning your journey. If you haven’t eaten, don’t journey.” -@tweetsofold

“‘Not a Rapist’…”

The second tweet is from the fabulous comedian and activist “@lizzwinstead” account. Hopefully you know who she is. If not, she’s well-known as the co-creator for the The Daily Show, and she’s a TV and radio personality. She launched the The Lady Parts Justice effort, which is one of my favorite things on this earth.


“‘Not a rapist’ is the new ‘likes long walks on the beach'” -@lizzwinstead

I took pencil and marker to a sketchpad first – enjoy my first draft.

the creative process is a PROCESS

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Best wishes, awaiting your reply

yeah definitely what my office looks llike

Porpoise of Fruititude: Sketch

I listen to Greg Proops’ Smartest Man in the World podcast. It’s a bastion of snooty liberalism coupled with tangential intellectual discussion and a love of the Negro leagues and film. It’s all a girl looks for; this podcast has reduced me to tears on the T.

The podcast is largely recorded in front of an audience, though occasionally episodes are done from his house. As all good Silver Age-inspired nerds, he refers to his home as the “Fortress of Proopitude.” Though, as a running joke, it’s often a spoonerism “Porpoise of Fruititude.”

I found the visual of a fruit-laden porpoise to be one that stuck in my head. There was also the terrible piece of me that visualized a very camp porpoise (a “fruit”), but I thought that might not go over so well.

As such, I’ve created a quick sketch of the Porpoise of Fruititude. There’s variants with or without the flower crown. Click on each image for a larger view.

Here are my pencil doodles, which I definitely didn’t do during work hours.

de rien, mon ami

If you’re wondering why these seem so low-res, it’s because they are. The high-res files live with me. People steal, and I won’t give them good material to steal.